Sunday, February 06, 2011

Universal Traveller - Extended Version, Big Picture, Long Term Forecast etc included

All I can say is DONT MISS THIS ONE, very empowering, Timeless too

"Brought tears of Joy and chills of truth, very empowering all around", 'amalgamated quote/response(s)' Everything under (and with-in) the Sun crammed in here! From The present to long term Astro-Cosmology reports, A dial in on, Galactic Align-meant 2012, and Terence McKenna's Time-wave zero theory (today is Terence McKenna's 'Mayan mysterious ripening Sign'), also, relationship Harmony, and overa-all Uni-verse-all harmonic principles for personally/collectively applying for overall well be-ing, and much much more.....

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Smalltown Shakedown - Dreams

Maybe when you think of dreams you think of Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud. Maybe you think of nightmares. Maybe you think of aspirations, goals, and hope. Maybe, like the millions of protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and Sudan, to dream of a better life you need to dream out loud or, you’re just dreaming. And if you are just dreaming, why not dream lucidly, fully? In this hour we’ll hear songs of dreams of lovers and freedom, dreams both ecstatic and wistful.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Nelson Before Nine - Jack Nisbet interview

Bill Metcalfe interviews author-naturalist Jack Nisbet about the pioneer naturalist David Douglas

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Nelson Before Nine - Students return from Oaxaca, Express Closes

Host: Mike Chapman

Guests: Nelson Becker, editor of the Express on its closing
Teachers and students in the Quest for Community program just back from Oaxaca
President of the B.C. Association of Community Newspapers on the closing of the Express

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

EcoCentric - Ecocentric Feb 1 2011

Greening up politics with the Conservation Voters of BC, Naomi Divine is a director with that organization and she is will be telling us all about how Conservation Voters of BC is helping us to influence the outcome of upcoming leadership races and elections in green way.
At the half hour, it's Oh home on the range where the health inspectors roam.
Alice Jungerdon will be on to tell us about her dairy operation in the Fraser Valley and
how the government is taking legal action against raw milk consumption.

David reid comes in at 1:50 to fill us in on whats coming up with environmental events.
And happening around the ecosociety.

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Nelson Before Nine - Burlesque, CBT youth grants, homophobic bullying in schools

Host: Anna Planedin

Several young people from the Columbia Basin Trust youth grant committee
Scarlett Rose about upcoming burlesque show at the Capitol
Dr. Brian Burtch from SFU about homophobic bullying in the schools

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